We’ve put another year on the books at Eggplant Music + Sound and as always, we were lucky and proud to be able to work with a TON of great agencies, creatives, brands, and people.

On the ad side, some highlights included…
Nissan: Conquer All Conditions – CASSIES Gold & Silver
Ovarian Cancer Canada: Ladyballs – CASSIES Gold & Silver
Breathe Right: SleepWise – CASSIES Silver
Interac: Merry January – CASSIES Bronze

And in long format, we were nominated for 3 Canadian Screen Awards…
Best Sound: Non-Fiction – ‘All Governments Lie’
Best Sound: Non-Fiction – ‘The Water Brothers’
Best Sound: Non-Fiction – ‘Where the Universe Sings’

It is unbelievably difficult to narrow down our favourites from the past 365 days, so think of this as just a small snapshot of all the things we loved in 2017.

Mitsubishi – A Century In The Making

John St and Mitsubishi celebrated ‘A Century in the Making’ by creating a series of spots devoted to their heritage.  Filmed over three weeks in Japan, it showcases Japanese centenarians who live by the philosophy of kaizen: constant improvement.
The campaign featured a four-minute film that was pieced out and turned into shorter formats for television, digital and social media

VUSE – Vibe

Let Pigeon Brands seduce you into vibrant, trippy worlds of flavour with these spots for Vuse’s new “Vibe” line. This was a special project for us as it’s all set to a soundtrack we created with Eggplant Stereo artist, Rose Brokenshire.  We took her indie-folk demo of I Saw The Sun and bathed it in trip-hop and psychedelic guitars for a flavourFUL experience.

To hear more from Rose, visit her Bandcamp.

Dairy Farmers of Canada – Pour a Tall Cold One

When it’s time for a good time, just pop on Hockey and Softball from DDB and Dairy Farmers of Canada. Afterwards, gather up your buddies for an afternoon game and a gorgeously slow-poured, tall, cold glass of milk. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Leon’s – Fit for a Family

“Dreamweaver, I believe you can get me through the night”

Yeah…we covered it. It’s hard messing with perfection but we brought in the dulcet tones of Kevin Quain to put our own creative Eggplant spin on it for our pals at TAXI.

Mark’s – Well Worn

TAXI knows more than 80s covers; they also know how to do gritty. This amazing spot for Mark’s Work Wearhouse speaks to the rewards of hard work.  This is how you relaunch a brand platform.

And no review would be complete without mentioning Eggplant Spring Party III.

This has quickly become a highlight for us over the past three years, but what’s more to say? We like to throwdown.  Y’all have a few short months to prepare for IV…