With technology these days being pretty freakin’ awesome, we are able to create music in pretty cool ways. One great example is Jan 2017’s new ‘PC Organics’ spot with our friends at John St.

It started with a demo created by our in-house producer/composer team, which on paper, looked (exactly) like this:


Then we sent it to our frequent collaborator, master multi-instrumentalist, and good friend Dan to lay down the accordion in his Oakville studio:


From there, we brought it back to Lorenzo – another Eggplant composer and insane drummer – to lay down the beat:


Then to the studio to lay down strings, clarinet and piano:


And finally, we brought it all home to Nathan in Studio 1 to add in the voice over, sound effects, shine it up, and get it to air.

That’s just one of the reasons why we call ourselves a Collective.