Nissan’s Snowman has returned.


And like everything about the sequel, he’s bigger and he’s badder.


The challenge with the music was to create something that belonged in the Conquer All Conditions campaign but sounded brand new. So we enlisted people who straddle the worlds of orchestral composition and electronic wizardry.


Our producers worked with Eggplant’s Iain Gardner to create an epic score for orchestra and choir which looks something like this:




Next, we sent it off to our friend Peter to feed pieces of the orchestra into his machines, which twisted things around, added textures and timbres from another world, and brought things together to create something worthy of this beautifully creepy battle.




Last but not least, we shot everything up to Studio One, where we put the finishing touches on the mix, voice over, and sound effects, in order to release this epic monster to the world.


As always, thanks to JP/TBWA for bringing us and the Snowman back together again.