Two of our favourite Eggplant Stereo artists have their songs featured in a new advertising campaign from Juniper Park/TBWA for EOS – Evolution of Smooth.

Bruce Wayne’ by Jenna Pemkowski and Memorecks.

After a collaboration between themselves and Toronto-based electronic heavyweights Zed’s Dead, Jenna Pemkowski & Memorecks began work on their debut album Follow.

Since it’s release, the album has garnered worldwide accolades in mainstream circles while still cultivating a viral following in the underground EDM scene.

The lead single ‘Bruce Wayne’ is an infectious pop-EDM track that has been featured on the Spotify Viral Hits and Viral Canada playlists – leading to 400,000 plays in a short period of time.

Listen to the full-length song, as well as the rest of the album HERE.

‘Get To You’ by Kirty

An ongoing solo project for the keyboardist/guitarist/singer of Toronto indie-rock outfit Fast Romantics Kirty has just released her self-titled album on Friday, September 23rd.

Leading up to the release date of the eponymous Kirty, the singer-songwriter has received multiple press releases and reviews from Now Magazine,, and the Toronto Star, among others.

Make sure to check out the lead single ‘That’s Not Me’ right HERE.